...And There Was Much Grinding and Gnashing of Teeth...

The title pretty much says it all.  My night last night.  Around midnight, I was joined in bed by a somewhat plumpish 3-year-old who was ever so upset, yet could not muster any words to describe his anguish.  He simply crawled into bed with me and fell asleep.  Which was followed quickly by my awakening and subsequent restless night. 

For only minutes after he fell asleep, I heard the most annoying sounds and in my tired stupor seriously thought Levi had brought two hard plastic action-figures to bed with him and, instead of sleeping, was having a party with them in my bed.  Sure--that is what I heard, but the source was instead coming from his mouth.  Levi is a teeth-grinder!  And I now know undoubtedly, that I do not like the sound of grinding teeth at all.  Not one bit.

There isn't a whole lot I can do about it...except keep taking him back to his own bed.  Which rest assured, I will do.  His 7 year old roommate, Zeke, seems completely undisturbed by Levi's unintentional flaw, so I'll let him deal with it.

My main reason in writing this was to let you know why today's entry is so short, but as I write, I realize that this revelation last night served to be a reminder to me--that all people, no matter how cute they are on the outside or seemingly perfect they seem to be, have flaws.  Period.  So easy to say but in those moments of life where jealousy and envy snag at our coat-tails it is so difficult to truly remember.

So here's to my little Levi!  You certainly didn't set out from your toddler bed last night with the intention of reminding mommy of an important lesson, but went back to it have done so. 

I love you Rex!
Signed, Your very-flawed-like-everyone-else-Mommy