In the Beginning...

...was a very brief entry to get it all started.  It was brief because the eyes that watched the screen and the fingers that typed the words and the head that processed the thoughts were tired and wanted to sleep.  And they thought sleep was good so they just stopped and did just that...slept.

Okay, so to expand just SLIGHTLY...this is my first entry ever on my first blog ever!  I love to write and have since I was a little girl in Miss Inboden's third grade class.  The problem happened and finding time to write got harder and harder, even though I had a serious lot of good friends and family members cheering me on and encouraging me to keep putting pen to paper (which I do prefer, but typing will have to do for now.)  Hopefully having this "personal" space to publish my works will encourage me to be much more regular in writing--a sort of ex-lax for the mind?  We shall see.

I chose this evening to start my  endeavor because within the next 48-72 hours Steve will step foot on Afghan soil for the second time and our little family can begin our year long count down to that joyous day of his homecoming.  What better time to turn toward an old passion of mine to help me through the rougher spots of deployment!

I do not forsee any sort of continuity of flow with my postings--thus my blog's title: Mercy, Grace, and Comic Relief.  Some may be "simple" updates about me, my husband, my children, my goings-on (that would be the grace portion).  Some may be rants about any number of things that could have me frazzled and I could therefore say things that I might regret or that might mildly offend some people (that would the mercy portion...possibly me begging for some).  And some, well...some may just be down right funny whether they are the creation of my mind or something hysterical that I witnessed or that happened to me (you guessed it...the comic relief portion). 

So...don't have expectations...I won't live up to them...but I could frankly care less.  This is, after all, MY blog and I'll cry if I want to, laugh if I want, SCREAM if I want could too if you blog too.  ~yes...a LAME attempt at word play on the oldies hit, "It's My Party & I'll Cry If I Want To."~

Thank you for taking an interest; I hope I don't lose it along the way! 
 Until next time...


    Oops didn't mean for that to be all caps.

  2. wahoo welcome to the blogging world!!

  3. Yay! I'm so glad you started a blog! I love it! I have a friend who's husband was deployed to Iraq. She posted over 300 blog posts during his year away! I think it really helped her during the long days. Praying your year goes quickly!

  4. YAY!!! I started a blog when Trent was deployed and kept it up for a few years but sadly Ft. Polk has zapped my blogging enthusiasm. Maybe I'll find it again at Ft. Bragg? Hoping. I actually just posted yesterday. I can't guarantee I'll be a faithful reader but if you post links to it on FB I'll try my best to click on it. Good to see you in the blogging world.


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