Please Forgive Me...

So....I've been off here for a while.  Not on purpose, well, not really.  But I feel I must offer at least this pathetic attempt at an explanation. 

To begin with, I've been having a nightly "affair" with  It started months ago, but then my severe illness in the Spring and Summer's crazy adventures forced us to part ways for a time, but we are once again united.  Steve and I love history and last year had this idea to try to trace ANY branch of both of our trees as far back as we can and give the results as Christmas gifts to our parents and siblings.  Yeah...that last part won't happen as I just don't have enough time to complete anything.  BUT, at least I got back on and I try to do a bit of research each night.  The downside to this is that I get to spend less time with you all and my precious blog.  I simply don't have that much energy. 

 All that aside however, I must tell you the deeper reason behind my absence...avoidance.  You see, I feel I have failed you, dear reader, by teasing you.  Teasing you with a title that contains the word "comic."  That leads one to believe that this blog will be funny and so far, well, I have fallen quite short of writing anything humorous for humor's sake.  I think this is because the only consistent time I find to "blog" is at night, immediately before bed, and sadly...I am usually in a piss-poor mood by that time of day.  I think the exhaustion of the day tends to turn our minds--if not well-guarded against it--to constant negativity. 

I can't begin to tell you how much I LONGED to jump on here and whip out a quirky, humorous bit worthy of a space next to Dave Barry's editorials (if you've never read his columns in papers across the country you must, he is an absolute hoot!)  Once or twice I sat behind the computer but all that I could muster words for were horrible rants upon myself, my life, my situation and just THINKING about the words I would type disgusted me.  All that self-pity boohooing!  blech.  So I just sucked it up and went to bed.  Maybe it would have done be good to have gotten rid of those emotions, but I want to be able to look back at my blog on its one-year anniversary and, for the most part, smile if not laugh.  Writing what I was feeling in the last couple of weeks would NOT fit into the category of smile-worthy.  Just leaving it alone seemed the best option.

In the end, I can't promise that I won't ever whine, rant, vent, or pity myself in any future posts, but I can promise to TRY to write some more cheerful stuff at some point, whenever that might be.  By the way...that is not tonight...far to tired already.  But thanks for checking back on occassion, regardless of the tone of my posts.

You may be asking...why on earth did she type all that in italics?!  Funny you should ask...  I originally had a completely different title and intent for tonight's posting, and the above was supposed to simply be a small disclaimer.  But when your disclaimer ends up being THIS might as well stand alone.  Come by again, I love hearing from you...and you never know...the next posting might just be the first truly funny one! 


  1. I started blogging intending to be funny, but I rarely get there. I mostly use it to let off steam and to celebrate the little victories in my life, and even if no one ever reads it, that's fine with me. For me, it is SUCH a great outlet, and that's all I really need it to be.

    So, you don't owe anyone any apologies or disclaimers. Be true to yourself, that's all that really matters.

  2. No worries wasn't a "real" apology. It just sort of happened...guess it needed to. I "own" this blog and told myself when I started it that there would be no "real apologies." ...nobody has to read it after all...

  3. I miss your writing and look forward to when it will begin again.

    Aunt Marge


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