It was NEVER my intent to be absent from this passion of mine for so long.  Nearly 7 months without posting?!!?  Here is where I want to hang my head in shame and apologies, but I promised no apologies for what I write (or don't) so...I won't.  But I will say this:  not a single day has past since my last blog post that I haven't thought about writing.  I have had millions of inspiring thoughts and ideas, but finding the time to sit down and write them was the struggle.  In the time I've been absent, I've seen my baby grow more content...and bigger and older.  I've seen my Levi turn 4 and mature in his own unique ways.  And I've seen my oldest, my Zekers, turn 8 and become a 3rd grader which makes my jaw drop in shock every time I sit back and think on it.  I've moved from my parents' home in IL where they so graciously put up with me and my 3 cling-ons for 11 months, to our rental home in Clarksville, TN outside of Ft. Campbell, KY where Steve is going to be stationed when he returns home from Afghanistan.  I've welcomed my husband home for R&R and with tears in my eyes said goodbye yet again.  So much has happened that I cannot possibly fill you in on in one blog.  But thank you for reading again.  And if I seem to fall off the face of the earth again, give me a nudge...believe me...I need it sometimes!