Excuses, Excuses...

"If I had a penny for every time I..."  yeah.  Heard that before.  Well, just sit down and hear it again because I'm here to tell you that if I had a penny for every time I wanted to, considered, needed to, or was asked about writing in my blog (and of course, for various reasons, did not) I would have a whoppin' $4!!  Not surprisingly, it is the profound amount of fictional money I missed out on that makes me sad that I didn't blog; it's the sheer feeling of emptiness and failure to self that get to me.

The thing is, life happens.  Really it does!  And do NOT pretend for a second that your life is all picture perfect, smelling of roses, with everything going just as you'd planned on a daily basis.  Yours is just as messed up as mine, and on certain days maybe even more messed up.  In the words of friend of mine on her video blog, my issues are very much "a middle class problem."  Or as another friend phrased it, our problems are very "first world."  BELIEVE ME...I know and I am grateful (as bizarre as that sounds) that God's grace has landed me in a life that provides me with food, water, shelter, and love of other humans on a daily basis...things could and truly are much worse for way too many people around the world.  But I am who I am, and the life I have is the only one I know, so I can't sit around and beat myself up constantly for the issues that creep up and make me sad, tick me off, irritate me, etc.  Hence, let me get back to my rant...

My life?  Most days, even on the best of them, smells of dirty diapers, butt paste, and sweaty little boys.  My house is clean...enough.  Sure, I'd like everything to be in it's place at all times and for each family member to chip in and do their equal share without my asking (oh who am I kidding--without my begging or screaming at them).  There is ALWAYS laundry and dishes to be done and crumby floor sto be swept, and as of my writing of this my baby has yet to grasp the concept of keeping his food either on his plate or in him mouth, my preschooler had yet to lovingly and oh-so-helpfully put away his current toys before moving on to others as he does for his teacher at school, my third-grader can't expend the extra energy to move his shoes one foot up into their aloted space in the shoe cabinet thus leaving them on the floor in FRONT of the cabinet, and my husband...God love him he does his best and helps a lot, but I'm a woman, he's a man and we come from completely different housework planets.  AND, AND....don't even get me started on time management and daily planning!  WHAT A JOKE!!!  Between snow days, illnesses, changes in what is demanded at work, temparment of any given child (or their mother), amount of sleep received or lacking, I can plan a day out even with flexibility and BOOM!--it's gone.  Decimated.  ...oh and guess who gets to clean up the mess?  ha!

Now, with all that said, let me know add this concept to the mixture: exercise.  Hmmm...where to put it?  I learned a long time ago in a Weight Watchers meeting that if you want to improve your health by exercising, the first step is to schedule time for it.  Insist that it be just as important on your schedule as a doctor's appointment, that trip to the post office, grocery store, bank, etc.  Because if you go through life just assuming you'll squeeze a walk in at the end of the day...well...you won't walk much.  How true that advice was and remains.

...I am going to finish this little story in my next posting..."Who You Is"  ...I needed to break it into two more easily readable posts and found this the best breaking point...sorry for the strange disruption!